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Top 5 best Adsense Plugin to increase your revenue

Top 5 best Adsense Plugin to increase your revenue: Adsense is free platform which is used to help online publishers to make money. After getting approval from adsense many of the bloggers are failed to optimize their adsense ads in their website. Since adsense are contextual ads network. Adsense pushes the ads in terms of banners, links, and popups. Here your revenue is mainly depending on the ads click as well as active viewable percentage. It means at least as per international advertisement board; the banner ads should be payable if the ads having 50px of active view only. It means the ads can make the revenue if user views your ads by minimum 50px. But many bloggers may have good traffic but they cannot make much money as they expected. However, in this video we are going to the best top 5 adsense plugin ton increase your revenue in to multiple time. Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads: This is the number one plugin for placing adsense ads. Using this plugin, you can auto…

How to create addon domain on name cheap hosting

How to create addon domain on name cheap hosting?
Parked domain is nothing but a domain which is working as main domain and distribute the same content of your main domain. It is a parallel domain. Both main domain and parked domain shares the same file in the same hosting. Add-on domain: Add-on domain is nothing but a domain which has separate data base, files, content etc. they have separate entity for all the access. An addon domain is an additional domain that the system stores as a subdomain of your main site. Use addon domains to host additional domains on your account. Let see in this tutorial how to add add-on domain in name cheap hosting.Login to your name cheap domain dashboard or login to your name cheap c-panelClick on setting icon in near to addon domainThree you see an option is called create an add on domain.Enter the domain name and sub domain name (you can choose any name) also after entering domain name the sub domain name automatically will be created. Then click on…

Top 5 Cheap .com domain provider in India – $2 Per .com Domain

Top 5 Cheap .com domain provider in India – $2 Per .com Domain Domains are nothing but a IP addresses. Which identify the unique source of the particular products or objects. Simply to say domain name is the foundation of your online business. i.e. take a simple example of your home, here your home considers as hosting, your home address considers as domain name and your home member is called as URL. So to identify your house they call you in the name of address that is domain name. In this article we are going to see cheapest .com domain provider in India and you can always check before buying a domain. Note: if you are going to buy a domain with hosting means we suggest you to buy them with a hosting packages. Blue host offers cheapest hosting in the world and they are providing free domain with their hosting packages. My personal suggestion is you to check this website before booking domain and they will be in updated day to day life. Dir…

How to cancel google ads account

How to cancel google ads account: Google ads account is used to help advertiser to advertise their business online google is the number one internet service provider in today. Google ads offers us to create the following campaigns such as search, video, display, etc. But sometime google ads account can be suspended due to program ads policy violation. In such condition, to get refund from the google ads, we have to cancel the ads account. In this tutorial we are going to see, how to cancel google ads account. Reason for google ads account suspension: Circumventing Policy violationPayment activity Lets see, Login to yours google ads accountGo to settings => choose setupIn that select preference => there you see account status. At normal condition, it will be on active mode. Select the account status => cancel my accountAfter canceling your ads account, the ads automatically stop running. Note: if your account is suspended due to ads policy violation, then do not crea…

How to solve adsense site is down or unavailable?

How to solve adsense site is down or unavailable? Many online publisher wants to make money online through google adsense. Google adsense is owned by google which offers high CPC to their publishers. Google adsense inject the ads through google AdWords. Google adword is an advertisement platform. The advertiser pays money to google adword and adsense deliver their targeted audience through various website. Getting approval to adsense is really very difficult. Adsense rejects the publishers application with the reason such as under construction, valuable inventory: no content, scrapped content and site is down or unavailable. In this article we are going to solve site is down or unavailable issue. This issue comes only to the website which uses blogger platform. Many bloggers are using custom domain to represent their blog. But they failed to connect their blog with adsense. This is because of blogger are intent to bypass the default option. in blogger there is an option is called ear…

How to delete windows update in Windows 7

How to delete windows update in Windows 7: Windows is the famous operating software which is owned by Microsoft. It is hand crafted and very user friendly. But sometimes windows updates automatically if we set it us auto updates. But it causes memory overflow on your computer. Due to less memory our computer obviously starts slow loading the app application. Hence in this article we are going to see how to delete windows update and how to stop windows update automatically. How to delete windows update:? Deleting windows update is the best way to clean up the disk space. In my computer, I installed new wifi just two months back and I forget to switch of the windows update hence finally my memory has gone to 56GB to 96 GB of windows operating system file. So lets start how to delete them. Disk cleanup the updates.Go to your C driveRight click on it => select properties => there you see all system c drive memory details.There you see disk cleanup => select itNow system collects…

How to Upload dot apk file on WordPress website

How to Upload dot apk file on your wordpress website: Apk is the short form of “android packages” which contains a set of codes to perform a set of function. WordPress is a world’s largest open source software which is used to develop a web pages online. In wordpress, you can upload any type of media files such as mp3, mp4, avi, jpg, png etc. at the same time wordpress has in built blocking to stop uploading software files such as .apk, .exe, .dll etc. for the security reasons. But, by adding a piece of code we can easily upload any of the file to your wordpress directory. Let start how to upload .apk files on wordpress website. Upload software files on WordPress: Our ultimate aim is to add some piece of php coding on function.php file, we can enable the .apk file upload on your wordpress website. Step1: Login to your wordpress website using, Now you see wordpress dashboard. Step2: Go to appearance in the left wordpress tool bar => click on editor. Ste…

How to create amazon merch account online

How to create amazon merch account online: Amazon is the world number one ecommerce website, from that you can buy anything online from anywhere and you can send product to anywhere in the world. Also many of us making money from amazon either selling a product in the form of affiliate commissions. Also amazon merch is the awesome platform which used to sell your designs on the Tshirts without computer knowledge. But this platform is not available for Indians. It is only available for English speaking countries. So that in this article we are going to see, how to create amazon merch account from india and how to withdraw moiney from amazon merch account. Before createing amazon merch account, you should have Payoneer account. Then only we can take the money from amazon. First what is amazon merch? Amazon merch is a flex printing platform, by uploading your designs on the Tshits amazon will sell and deliver everything. Our job is to create amazing design only. Amazon will print, deliv…

How to redirect all 404 pages in to Home Page or Specific Pages

How to redirect all 404 pages in to Home Page or Specific Pages: In internet 404 pages means, the source is moved or unavailable for that URL. Sometime 404 error pages are not good for sites, search engine reduces the rank on your site. Hence to avoid the search engine penalization we have to create 404 error pages or all the 404 error pages into home page. Also using below method you can redirect from 404 pages to a specific page with the same URL. Let see. Log on to your cpanel in your webhosting.Go to file manager => in that go to Public html folder. Here public .html folder only contains all of our sources such as scripts, media sources, datas etc.Or if you have FTP access then you can directly login to your file manager using any of the FTP client software. Now find .htacess file or sometimes dotted files will be hidden as default. i.e in godaddy webhosting dotted files will not have displayed as default. To view them you have to enable dotted files to display.After finding .ht…